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Modern Matriarch Rum is distributed in Iowa and Nebraska.

Iowa is a control state so purchases are made through the Iowa Alcohol Beverage Division for retail and commercial license holders. If your favorite retail, bar, restaurant, grocery store, etc. doesn’t have our rum, you can ask for it by name and they will order. The following information is the registered NABCA codes that are used to order from the State of Iowa.

Silver – 46599
Amber – 46606
Salted Caramel – 46608
Strawberry Lemonade – 76081

Doreen Blakely, Managing Partner and Master Distiller
Matriarch, LLC
DBA Modern Matriarch

Nebraska is a distribution state. We are happy to be working with Handcrafted Wine & Spirits. If your favorite place to buy and/or enjoy spirits don’t carry our rum, please contact the following:

In Omaha:

Molly Jacobs
Sales Representative
(720) 486-8300

In Lincoln and surrounding areas:

Bob Dahir
Sales Representative
(402) 706-7766

Jimmy Duncan
Business Manager
(402) 625-0596

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