Quality. Tradition. Continuity. Friendship.

Matriarch was born in 2018 to offer the finest American made rum. We built this out of a passion for community, bringing people together, embracing family and friends, and leaving a legacy for future generations.


Our Silver Rum has a light but full flavor with the color of water. Our Silver Rum is satisfying on its own, on the rocks or blends well with mixers, not overpowering the drink. Our ingredients and process allows for the utmost care to be taken to assure its flavor.



Our Amber Rum is perfect, distilled with meticulous care in Iowa. The flavor is artfully designed with pure cane sugar and molasses. Matriarch’s Amber Rum is light in color yet rich in taste. A vibrant Rum that is perfect all on its own or as a mix for celebrations.


Our Strawberry Lemonade is the perfect summer mix. This blend is made with natural flavors. Matriarch’s Strawberry Lemonade is light in color yet bold in taste.


We have created the perfect combination of sweet and salty in our newest flavor – Salted Caramel. Distilled with the same fresh ingredients as our other rums while adding the sugary sweetness of caramel and rounded out with salty richness. A full flavor indeed!

Our Story

We came up with a vision in 2018 – a vision of families celebrating, trying new drinks, laughing and enjoying each other and the events of our lives. Little did we know how much together time we would have coming up!

Distilled Spirits

Light-bodied Rums from Iowa. Made with pure cane sugar and molasses with water from the aquifer of the Loess Hills. Filtered for smoothness. Subtle flavors allow for them to be used as a mix with fresh ingredients or excellent on its own.


Our first products to market are the SILVER RUM and the AMBER RUM. We are currently working on our AGED RUM and some special surprise blends. Stay tuned on our blog for the latest releases, events and tastings and news!

Latest From Our Blog

Stay tuned for the latest in news and events!

Suffragette’s Rose by Emily Weskirchen

Suffragette’s Rose by Emily Weskirchen

INGREDIENTS 1.75 oz matriarch rum .75 oz Hi-low gentian amaro .5 oz lime .5 oz demerara .25 oz pimento dram .4 dashes jalapeno bitters DIRECTIONS Shake, pour over ice in a rocks glass with a lime peel rose for garnish

Ello Poppet by Jerrica Babb

Ello Poppet by Jerrica Babb

INGREDIENTS 1.5 oz Matriarch Rum .5 oz Falernum .5 oz Lavender Syrup with glitter 1.5 oz Lavender Water   DIRECTIONS Everything is prepared together in a cocktail shaker, shake with ice, and strain to serve neat. If you’d like to, we recommend a chocolate...

Rosemary Lemonade

Rosemary Lemonade

INGREDIENTS 1-1/2 oz. Modern Matriarch Strawberry Lemonade Rum 5 oz. lemonade, chilled 1 sprig fresh rosemary, for garnish DIRECTIONS Add ice to a cocktail glass. Pour Rum and lemonade over ice. Garnish with a fresh rosemary sprig, if desired.  

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